Share Your Stories

God is doing some amazing things through The Four-Seven, and we want to make sure we record everything so we don't forget! Whether it is a story of how God is working on your life or a story that a resident has shared with you, you can share those with us by clicking here.

Become a Volunteer

Are you interested in serving with The Four-Seven? Click here, complete the interest form, and then we'll be in touch!

Volunteer Anywhere Schedule

Each month, we put together a volunteer serving schedule based upon your noted availability. Please click here to see the Crossroads Anywhere volunteer schedule for September 2018.

Volunteer Trainings

Before being eligible to volunteer, every individual must attend a training session. These are offered four times per year, and dates can be found here.

Event Sign Ups

You can now sign up for all upcoming events - inside prisons (QUEST, Undivided) and on the outside (HOPE Summit) - right here.

What to Wear



  • Approved Four-Seven attire such as t-shirts, collared shirts, jackets with Four Seven logo are acceptable.

  • Collared shirt with sleeves, preferably plain, but a small logo is acceptable. No cut-off shirts are permitted.

  • Dress pants or jeans without holes, no shorts and close toed shoes.

  • No camouflage or sports logo clothing.

  • Business Casual attire is the preferred standard.


  • Approved Four-Seven attire such as t-shirts, collared shirts, jackets with Four Seven logo are acceptable.
  • Limited and simple jewelry, conservative top with sleeves. No sleeveless, low cut or transparent tops will be permitted. On shirts, a small lo go is acceptable.

  • Dress pants (or jeans without holes) and close toed shoes are required.

  • Camouflage or sports logo clothing are prohibited.

  • Dresses, skirts, shorts, yoga pants/leggings, capris and high-heels are prohibited.

  • Business Casual attire is the preferred standard.


What to Bring Inside

May Serving Schedule

All Institutions

  • Must have driver's license.
  • Can bring in one car key.

  • If you have received a procedure that will set off the metal detector (such as an artificial hip), you will need physician paperwork to present upon each entry at the institutions. Without this paperwork, you may be denied entry. Please see your physician for assistance.

  • Permitted to bring in one notebook and pen (notebook cannot have a zipper).

  • Sealed bottle of water only.

  • Other drinks, such as fast food beverages and coffee, are prohibited.

  • All other materials (including cell phone, fitbits, smart watches, wallets, etc.) must be left in your car.



We tried to make the info above as straightforward as possible, but we may have missed a thing or two. Hit us up if you have additional questions.