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Why Do I Need Training?

Yeah, we get it - no one likes "training" (or practice). But this ministry will be taking volunteers into unusual territory - prison. So, in preparation for this journey, we require all volunteers to attend one of our trainings. These trainings include state-required training as well as Four-Seven based curriculum. Please find upcoming training dates below.

Upcoming Training Dates

November 17, 2018

We will be holding a training on Saturday 11/17/18 from 10am - 2pm at Crossroads Oakley (3500 Madison Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45209) in Meeting Room C. RSVP here.

Additional Dates

Currently, we only have four trainings scheduled for 2018. Additional trainings will be held in 2019.

New Volunteer Training Paperwork

This paperwork is to be completed while you are sitting in one of our new volunteer training sessions. The training individual will walk you through these forms.

Have Questions?

Do you have questions regarding our trainings? Let us know and we'll be happy to help.