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To assist incarcerated individuals with their reentry into society by providing transformational knowledge and experiences.


The Fourward Reentry program has three facets - Inside Curriculum, Reentry Coaching, Reentry Support.

Reentry Hotline

You can now call the Fourward Reentry Program directly by calling 513-486-4614.


Inside Curriculum

The inside reentry curriculum will be divided into three phases:

  • TRACK I: Personal Transformation (12 months)
  • TRACK II: Release Preparation (12 months)
  • TRACK III: Reentry Guidance (6 months before release; 6 months after release)

Reentry Coaching

As part of the Fourward reentry program, individuals will be paired with an organizational reentry coach six months prior to their release. This coach will provide one-on-one focus and support for 12 full months; six months prior to one’s release and six months after one’s release. This mentorship will provide a necessary bridge to assist individuals in their reentry.


Reentry Support

A team of trained reentry personnel will work to help individuals in the Fourward program by answering questions via email, locating housing, job placement, etc.

Next Steps...

Are you looking for reentry assistance for yourself or someone you know? Drop us a line and we will be in touch.