2018 Dates

  • February 24th - Lebanon Correctional Institution
  • March 17th - Ohio Reformatory for Women
  • April 21st - Kentucky State Reformatory
  • May 19th - Chillicothe Correctional Institution
  • July 21st - Marion Correctional Institution
  • August 18th - Warren Correctional Institution
  • September 29th - Dayton Correctional Institution
  • October 6th - Franklin Medical Institution

Volunteer for QUEST

Interested in being a volunteer for one of our QUEST events?


What is QUEST?

What would it look like to have a one-day retreat that took a deep dive into what it looks like to be men and women of God? Quest is an all-day event that is structured around strengthening community, learning to lean on our community and learning just exactly what God expects of us. Whether it is a group of women spending the day understanding where God calls us to find our identity or a group of men learning how to harness their wildness to glorify God, Quest strips away our worldly attributes and takes us back to our roots as children of God.