The long road to change begins before one embarks on reentry. In an effort to help build a foundation for that change, we provide courses for incarcerated individuals. These courses are carefully crafted to teach and develop skills to help navigate incarceration as well as life outside of prison.

Through unique curriculum, individuals obtain information and skills necessary to impact their lives professionally, personally and spiritually.


Crossroads Anywhere

2017 Locations: DCI, LeCI, WCI

Summary: Experience weekend Crossroads services inside prisons in Ohio. Men and women across the state are joining the Crossroads community each week as they come together to worship and experience weekly services. In addition to service viewing, inmates and volunteers partake in small group community-building time as well.

Building Success

2017 Locations: DCI, LeCI, WCI

Summary: “Building Success” is the first course in the “Four-Seven” reentry curriculum. This 20-week course teaches a combination of professional, personal and spiritual skills to participants. Over the four months, this course teaches skills such as: creating a new path, public speaking, pursuing your passion, creating a foundation, understand one’s self, developing a plan, how to forgive, accountability, interviewing, marketing yourself, rebuilding relationships, finding jobs, resume writing, starting a business, overcoming adversity, managing finances, navigating the world outside, finding a community and much more.

Getting It Right

2017 Locations: LeCI, DCI

Summary: The Getting it Right Program applies the latest research in criminal justice and personal change theory for participants preparing to leave the criminal justice system. The program features Rational Self-Counseling as used by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the Transtheoretical Model of Change (Stage Model of Change), Social Learning Theory and Interactive Journaling®, providing structured programming to facilitate successful transition and community reintegration.


2017 Locations: LeCI, DCI

Summary: A five-week spiritual journey, bringing people together for meaningful conversation and experiences that can lead to growth and healing the racial divide in our city.


2017 Locations: LeCI, DCI, WCI

Summary: What would it look like to have a one-day retreat that took a deep dive into what it looks like to be men and women of God? Quest is an all-day event that is structured around strengthening community, learning to lean on our community and learning just exactly what God expects of us. Whether it is a group of women spending the day understanding where God calls us to find our identity or a group of men learning how to harness their wildness to glorify God, Quest strips away our worldly attributes and takes us back to our roots as children of God. Click here to sign up for upcoming events.

Blueprint for Life

2017 Locations: LeCI, DCI

Summary: Focused on helping others discover God’s purpose for their lives. Your Blueprint for Life guides readers toward a Christ-honoring life—one that brings joy spiritually, financially, relationally, physically, and professionally. With practical guidance for discovering passion, gifts, and callings, Your Blueprint for Life gives readers concrete strategies for achieving the life they were created to lead. For anyone who has ever wondered why they were put on earth, Your Blueprint for Life not only answers the question, but it also gives readers a solid guide to understanding and achieving God’s vision for their lives.

The God Experiment

2017 Locations: TBD

Summary: For people wrestling with who God is, whether or not He exists, and what it would mean to say “yes” to relationship with Jesus. A time to ask questions, process and relate in a small group setting. This course is offered not only to general population offenders, but also to restrictive housing inmates.

Real Marriage

2017 Locations: LeCI

Summary: Whether your marriage is thriving or just surviving, this 2 day program is designed to help build a stronger marriage. Teaching skills to resolve conflict, speak each other’s “love language,” improve intimacy and build momentum as a couple.

Story Formed Life

2017 Locations: LeCI

Summary: An intensive, foundational, interactive 11-week discipleship training process. It is designed to expose and increase the level of faith participants have in God’s Story as revealed in the Bible, from Creation to Re-Creation. This is achieved by comparing what people know with what they believe.

Inside Out

2017 Locations: LeCI

Summary: Inside Out is a two-hour program designed for restrictive housing that helps individuals understand the opportunities that lie ahead of them by simply making better decisions – and how to go about making better decisions.